A Blog That Works for Me

As an assignment for my ED 554 class, I was tasked with reading and responding to a blog related to education and technology. Luckily, a list of blogs to choose from was given.

I consider myself fairly up-to-date with technology and the Internet. Social media came about when I was still in high school and the Internet was being frequently used in my classes. After college, my communications major led me to jobs working with the Internet, mass emails, online registration forms, etc. All of this has shaped me into the kind of person who seeks instant gratification when surfing the Internet. I want to find what I need to find, and I want to find it fast.

Thus, my blog of choice became Richard Byrne’s “Free Technology for Teachers.” Even without looking at the content, it already had a good chance at being chosen. After a semester of student teaching with no income to show for it, anything that is “free” grabs my attention.

The organization of this blog helps me find what I need without spending too much time reading long paragraphs of text or resorting to CTRL+F. The top menu lets me find what I’m interested in with headings like “iPad Apps for Schools,” “Google Tutorials,” “Free Guides,” and “Alternatives to YouTube.” With enough time on my hands, I could probably find all of these resources on my own. But, it’s nice to have it all in one spot.

Again, my Internet personality dictates that I first have a specific need/desire for something and THEN I go find it. But these menu headings were enough to entice me to see what I COULD find when the time comes. I was pleased to see more headings, images, and brief descriptions, letting me know where and what was available. I also like that much of the content (like the Teacher Guides or Google Tutorials) provides information that can be applied to many classes and lessons and not just in one specific instance.

The useful, easy-to-find, well organized, and FREE resources earned this blog a spot in my Bookmarks Bar.


One thought on “A Blog That Works for Me

  1. I can’t follow that blog because it’s on diingo or something like that. good one though, and I follow them on twitter already.

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