Standard for the Semester

What standard are you using as a target of focus this semester? How can you link activities for different learning styles to this standard?

Over the course of grad school, I’ve pretty much focused in on 9th and 10th grade when creating unit and lesson plans. To change things up a bit, I chose a standard from 8th grade English for this class:

8.2 The student will develop and deliver oral presentations in groups and individually.
a) Choose topic and purpose appropriate to the audience.
b) Choose vocabulary and tone appropriate to the audience, topic, and purpose.
c) Use appropriate verbal and nonverbal presentation skills.
d) Respond to audience questions and comments.
e) Differentiate between standard English and informal language.
f) Critique oral presentations.
g) Assume shared responsibility for collaborative work.
h) Use a variety of strategies to listen actively.

This standard easily lends itself to activities for different learning styles. For either one big or several small projects (individual and group), students can have a choice of what kind of presentation to do. They can either do graphic design work, make videos, hold debates, give speeches, create cartoons, create a forum, create a marketing piece, write a song, etc. A challenge would be to make sure the presentation matches the content of their project.

The students can post their final products online or present in class. After that, students can respond and ask questions. This can be done in class, or as the “Giving Reluctant Students a Voice” article suggests, have them post comments to a forum.

Since this is a broad standard, it may need to become more targeted as the class goes on or slightly adjusted depending on the assignment.


One thought on “Standard for the Semester

  1. Great topic choice. As you mentioned, there are a lot of resources out there for this. Looking forward to see what you come up with:)

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