Back from Travels!


It has been several weeks but I am finally back and settled in from all of my travels. I went from Pittsburgh to Erie to Barcelona to Amsterdam, all within 2 weeks. 

I think traveling is important. I consider myself lucky to have had the chances to see visit incredible places…but there are always more! Barcelona and Amsterdam were beautiful and I was able to see historic sights. One of my favorites was, of course, the Anne Frank house. I figure as an English teacher, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll teach the book eventually and having been to the house I feel like I can understand it better. All in all, a great trip! But I’m always happy to be home.

I’m not very productive about taking and posting pictures. My camera died so my pictures are scattered among family members’ cameras and iPhones. I do have the one posted above. This is the sight from our balcony in Barcelona. 


One thought on “Back from Travels!

  1. What an amazing experience! I agree travel is so important and wish I had done some, any for that matter! I hope to look into People to People after my MU journey. It is a way to continue to educate myself and others; not to mention see the world! Really jealous about the Anne Frank house!

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