Integrated Unit Plan

Author’s Purpose with Integrated Technology

Unit Title: Author’s Purpose with Integrated Technology
Subject: English
Grade Level: 8
Duration: One week (3 classes)

Read the unit plan – Includes standards, assessments, and accommodations
View unit description on Prezi.

Before lesson 1, students are required to view the Author’s Purpose Flipped Lesson.

Click on the lesson links to read complete lesson plans. Full lesson plans include standards and accommodations. 

  • Presentation on TO ENTERTAIN with a focus on short stories and fairy tales
  • Activity: students will be put into 4 groups, each assigned a news article. They will re-purpose the article, using the information to create and present and short story or fairy tale.
  • Technology: Padlet for introductory response “Why do writers write? Why do people create visual or digital media? What are the messages for?” Video and audio clips integrated into presentation. Digital Venn Diagram to compare article and short story/fairy tale.
  • Assessment: checklist for group presentations


  • Presentation on TO PERSUADE with a focus on editorials and political advertisements
  • Activity: in pairs, students will be given a topic. Each partner is to choose one side of an argument and given 5 minutes to come up with supporting evidence. Pairs will participate in 2-minute debates (1 minute per student), presenting their persuasive argument. After each debate, the class will vote on the most persuasive argument.
  • Technology: poll for anticipatory set. Polls will also be created for each debate. Students must turn in their supporting evidence and have the option of using Google docs or Padlet.
  • Assessment: checklist for debates

Summative Assessment (Description and rubric):

  • Introduced during Lesson 2
  • Students will be randomly assigned (i.e. choose out of a hat) to Entertain, to Persuade, or to Inform
  • Must create a 5-minute visual presentation for their purpose. They can choose their form and topic, but presentation must be clear in its purpose
  • Example of digital storybook: Hans in Luck by the Brothers Grimm

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  1. I especially liked your Prezi!

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